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E-type Club

An international club dedicated entirely to enjoying the stunning Jaguar E-type. Members receive a monthly magazine, discounts from various leading specialists, wonderful tours and fun social events.

Jaguar Clubs of North America

Jaguar Clubs of North America is the parent organization for over 60 local affiliate clubs throughout North America serving 6000 members.

The Jaguar Clubs of North America is the friendliest and best association of Jaguar enthusiasts fulfilling the needs and interests of the members.

Company Overview
Incorporated in 1958, the Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) has become the hub of Jaguar enthusiasts from Canada, Mexico, the United States and around the world. As a social organization with a common interest in the Jaguar marque, JCNA strives to provide members with the widest range of services and activities for those with an enthusiasm for all Jaguars, both old and new. We find that the entire family participates in many events because activities span a large cross section of interests.

JCNA is not just limited to competitions and shows. Many other activities that individual clubs have initiated range from exclusive showings of the latest Jaguar model to group vacations! Our members own from the rarest to the latest Jaguar cars, while some do not yet own a Jaguar at all! We welcome anyone with an interest in Jaguar cars to become part of our family.


Jaguar Social Network
The Jaguar Social Network is the #1 Social Network for Jaguar Owners of XK 120/140/150, XKE/E-TYPES & early SALOONS

To unite, spread and share information about these iconic Jaguar cars in a congenial and friendly environment.

Company Overview

The world’s very first Social Network for Jaguar Owners of XKE/E-TYPES XK 120/140/150 and early Saloons. The site is the only one of it’s kind to integrate a Facebook Page, Twitter, Google+ and the Jaguar XK 120/140/150 & E-Type Owners Group on Facebook


The Jaguar Social Network is the world’s #1 meeting place & Network for JAGUAR OWNERS who share a passion for XK 120/140/150, E-TYPES/XKE & pre-1967 Saloons. Join now if you own one of these cars.

Porter Press

Porter Press International was established by award-winning motoring author and journalist, Philip Porter in 2005. It specialises in publishing well-researched, design-conscious motoring books and motor sports biographies.

Porter Press International’s Original Scrapbook series of books, which has focussed on personalities such as Murray Walker and Sir Stirling Moss and car marques including Jaguar and Land Rover, has met with great critical acclaim and popular success.

More recently, Porter Press International has been praised in the media for it’s publications ‘Ultimate E-type – The Competition Cars’ and also ‘Original Jaguar XK – The Restorer’s Guide’. Both of these books are regarded as the bibles on their respective subjects.

Rebuilding the dream – XJ13

The 1966 Jaguar XJ13 is no more…

Its spirit and identity live on in a Jaguar-built replica constructed from the mortal remains of the original car which suffered a calamitous crash during a demo run in 1971.
A number of changes from the original design were made during the rebuild in 1972/73 differing from the original “pure” design envisaged by the late genius Malcolm Sayer. The engine currently installed in the car also differs in specification from the engine originally installed in 1966. In 2010 the author, Neville Swales, unearthed the ONLY surviving complete engine built to an identical specification to the original quad-cam V12 prototype engine as first installed in the car in 1966.

Neville now finds himself in the position where he can fulfil a long-held ambition of building and hopefully racing an absolutely authentic and accurate “toolroom-copy” of the Jaguar XJ13 prototype Le Mans racer – true to Malcolm Sayer’s original 1966 vision. Hopefully to continue where Jaguar left off and compete against the cars it was designed to compete against – the mighty Ford GT40 and sublime Ferrari P330 amongst others of that era.

You are invited to join Neville in this Blog – your contributions, support and interest will be welcomed.

About the author
Neville is a long-standing Classic Jaguar enthusiast and racer. Having acquired an original quad-cam prototype V12 engine he now finds himself in the position where he can fulfil a long-held ambition of building and hopefully racing an authentic “toolroom-copy” of the Jaguar XJ13 prototype Le Mans racer – true to Malcolm Sayer’s original 1966 vision.
In the 1990′s he was inspired to race Jaguars after reading the autobiography of Duncan Hamilton and his exploits leading up to, during and after the Le Mans of 1953 where he drove the Jaguar Works C-Type to victory with his co-driver Tony Rolt – a tale from “…the days when drivers were fat and tyres were skinny” …
Since then he has owned and raced a succession of classic Jaguars – both in South Africa and England. He is now able to indulge his long-held ambition of building and racing a copy of the stillborn Jaguar XJ13 – a car built for Le Mans but which never actually raced. His aim is to end up with a car that, although road-legal, will be first and foremost a racecar that exactly replicates the 1966 original.