Laszlo Varga is a Hungarian industrial designer who is part of the design group Room 11 and is currently in his 4th year as a student at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)/Industrial Design.

The original E-type is truly the most beautiful car for me.  My father and I used to go to old timers and classic cars shows in Hungary and there was always an E-type and I always amazed by its beautiful shape and the feeling that surrounded the car.

The idea to make a modern interpretation came up during Laszlo’s internship last year at a Hungarian design studio. He wanted to design a car on his internship and his tutor said: “If you like the E-type, let’s do a modern interpretation”.

It was a challenging job, because the original E-type is perfect and over the years it became an icon, so it was hard to translate its shape into a modern design language that fits the modern car design expectations and the heritage of the Jaguar brand. I studied a lot of pictures and videos on the internet while I tried to catch the feeling and put my ideas on paper.  The big, smooth surfaces were very important because the shape will be completed by the lights and the reflections on the surface, so I tried to make as qualitative a 3D surface model as I can. I tried to design the details in a way that will reminds the people of the original E-type. Like the rear lamps inner shape which I designed to reminds people of the series 1 E-type rear lamps, and the little bend above the wheel arches which is designed to remind people of the series 3 E-type.

It is fantastic to think the E-type is still inspiring the next generation of designers, and we think the results are stunning:




Read more about the project
Read more about the project