Jaguar Design – A story of style

We're delighted to have received the finished copy of Nick Hull's book,  Jaguar Design - A story of style in the post today. We had the pleasure of meeting Nick last year to talk about his project and help with his research into Malcolm. The [...]

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Sayer Court announced in Leamington Spa

Kate, daughter of Malcolm, had the honour of laying some of the foundations for a new development site in Leamington Spa, which is to be named Sayer Court in tribute to Malcolm. The Warwick District Council housing scheme replaces a run down pub and some old flats, with a [...]

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Inside Jaguar: Making a Million Pound Car (Thursday 9pm | Channel 4)

The Sayer family were delighted to have been invited to see the first car, 'Car Zero' being built last year before the news went public. Fantastic to see such a faithful build and such a genuine, dedicated team making the final 6. We look forward [...]

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E-type voted ‘Greatest car of all time’ in Discovery Channel poll

As part of the Dicovery Channel's 'Wheeler Dealer' series, they polled 2000 drivers to determine which car would hold the top spot. The E-type roared into first place, beating Aston Martins, Minis and a whole host of British cars. What an honour! Picture courtesy of Barry Jones [...]

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60th Anniversary celebrations for the D-type Jaguar

Tuesday 29th September marked the 60th anniversary celebration of the Le Mans winning Jaguar D-type, with a wonderful reception at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon. Key members of the Jaguar Heritage team hosted it, with Jonathan Partridge, Anders Clausager, Faye McLeod and Karam Ram leading [...]

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E-type – the epitome of success…

...or at least the National Lottery think so! A lovely Series 2 E-type is featured on their homepage, denoting the success of its owner. It's nice to think it's considered a dream car! Take a look here.

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60th Anniversary of the D-type Jaguar

April 2014 marks 60 years since the D-type first thundered into the world, wining the Le Mans 24hr 3 years running, and countless other achievements not only for Jaguar but the automotive world. Taking the success of Malcolm's work on the C-type, the D-type refined [...]

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Our very own E-type

It often comes as a surprise when people ask us why no one in the Sayer family has ever owned an E-type. Malcolm occasionally borrowed one from work for advertising purposes (as well as the odd D-type and other prototypes) but his salary was such [...]

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E-type cameo on Stella Cidre advert

Nice cameo of an E-type on the new Stella Cidre advert - an impeccable marriage of class and style!

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Malcolm Sayer programme on BBC Radio 4

We were paid a visit by Jonathan Glancey and Neil Rosser today, who interviewed us for a forthcoming radio programme about the life and work of Malcolm Sayer. Having also interviewed Neville Swales, Norman Dewis, Philip Porter and Stirling Moss, we were able to detail the father, [...]

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