It often comes as a surprise when people ask us why no one in the Sayer family has ever owned an E-type. Malcolm occasionally borrowed one from work for advertising purposes (as well as the odd D-type and other prototypes) but his salary was such that he couldn’t actually afford to buy one of his own. The car he owned was a a 2nd hand Dormobile Bedford van, that he had to restore following a fire. No family member since has had the luxury or resource of affording one, though I have my eye on a replica at the moment!

Malcolm sketching outside his Bedford van, as my grandmother looks on.

Fast forward to 2013 – Malcolm’s great-grandson (my son Ceol) proudly displays his scale model on his bedroom windowsill, and to my amusement I noticed he had positioned some Lego figures inside it – just the right size! Having seen Money Supermarket’s ‘Phota Your Mota’ competition it seemed the ideal opportunity to stage a photo of it. Renowned car photographer Nigel Harniman has been an inspiration of mine, so seeing he was one of the judges spurred me on.

Carefully moving it out onto the road outside my house (ensuring the cheerleader propped behind the driver’s seat was still enthusiastically cheering) I took a few pictures of with my neighbours house just out of focus.

The resulting picture is as you see above!

Our friends at Chemical Code,  Jaguar Social Network (UK members only!), and XJ13 – Rebuilding the Dream might like to get involved too!