A great tribute article in reaction to the unveiling of Jaguar’s new F-type in Paris.

Taken from Netcars.com

“Jaguar is about to enter dangerous territory. A few days ago, at the Paris Motor Show, the F-Type was premiered. It is the closest Jaguar has come to a successor of the legendary E-Type. Obviously, it has a different name and so it isn’t designed to be a direct replacement of the E-Type but it is said to be a ‘spiritual successor’ to the legend. There are small design cues here and there that nod to the E-Type like the narrow tail lights and the fact that it sits where the E-Type would be in Jaguar’s current range. I thought it would be fitting, and in response to a reader’s request a while ago, to have a look at the man behind the E-Type and then the legend itself.”

Thank you to Louis Rix for sending me the article.

Read the full article here.